Cosmetic Industry Association

about us

Polish Cosmetic Group is an association of representatives of Polish e-commerce in the cosmetics industry. We are a group of leaders on the European market who guarantee comprehensive support and solutions corresponding to the individual needs of partners. Every day we build long-term relationships based on a partnership and mutual understanding. We are an association of e-commerce experts in the beauty industry for whom nothing is impossible. Our activity covers not only Poland but also the international arena. Cooperation with partners from Europe, Asia, and even America opens up development paths for us. We draw valuable experience and successfully build long-term relationships. We believe that there are no impregnable products. Do you want to find out? Join the group of the greatest e-commerce professionals in the beauty industry!


Are you looking for valuable development opportunities? Check why Polska Grupa Kosmetyczna is a place for professionals like you! Join us and gain:
  • guarantee of the best prices in the cosmetics industry,
  • quick access to the largest concerns and global brands,
  • unlimited access to a wide range of Polish and international products,
  • increase in sales of own-brand products and access to new markets,
  • the opportunity to focus on the development of strategic skills – our fulfillment center will relieve your store,
  • flexible solutions,
  • lower operating costs,
  • access to the industry network of contacts,
  • substantive support,
  • comprehensive marketing support and analysis of current trends in the beauty industry.



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